Being spoken by more than two billion people all over the world has made English into lingua franca. It has special or official status in more than 75 countries and the most dominant language of diplomacy, science, and internet. Thus, this cemented the fact that English is essential in modern business. Here are several reasons why studying English will help you in business.

1. English is ideal
English is the easiest language of the world to learn, this, coupled with the fact that it connects people from all around the world makes it an ideal language to be used in any occasion and fields.

2. Common trade language
As the global language of trade and commerce, the English language affects many key aspects of a business. Making it the best way to communicate effectively with business partners.

3. Customer service
What is a business without customer service? High-quality customer service will bring customer loyalty as well as creating a good face for the company. Customers today prefers English and will grade your business starting from the greeting to the help they receive when they complain about a product or service they have paid for.

4. Greater marketing
Reaching a wider market won’t be possible if you don’t have the skills needed to do it, and learning the English language is one way to connect with your market. Marketing your product in English will give you the edge in global competition by enabling you to capture broader consumer all around the world.

The English language has become an investment in itself with large corporations pay for English classes for their staff and many international students choose to study in English speaking country to improve their own English and job prospects. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now and start learning English with Indogro!

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