Words from Management

From our Deputy Director

Sharing knowledge has been a hidden passion of mine. There is an unexplainable sense of satisfaction upon learning that the skills I have passed down to others are being successfully used for their self betterment.

Entrusted with the growth of Indogro, I am both privilege and excited for the opportunity to actively be involved in the development and innovation of academic English programmes in Indonesia.

This year is a very exciting year for Indogro Institute, with our revamped services and our brand-new K13 aligned Perennial English curriculum, we will be able to provide a more prestigious service, and take more responsibility in your student’s development.

Moreover, I am proud to present our new and dedicated Client Services Department, with new standards, systems, and leadership, we are confident that Indogro Institute can respond to any situation swiftly and effectively.

Indogro Institute is thankful to God, our partners and our clients for the passing year and for all the challenges we have had to overcome, which have made us stronger, better able, and profusely confident that Indogro Institute will make a difference this year by working closely with you as our client and partner.

Alexandro Wibowo

From our Academic Coordinator

I believe that we, at Indogro Institute, have what it takes to provide young and eager learners with the knowledge and tools that will give them the extra boost in their academic and social lives.

Having invested my time and experience into our team, I am confident that we are equipped with the latest teaching techniques and are able to stay relevant, thus creating an exciting, immersive environment for learners to practice and improve their English skills.

The past year has been a great challenge with the restructuring of management and product. We have now secured a more loyal and focused team that will be driven and keen to deliver on our services and by doing that, strengthening our bond with you as our client.

Language education is a forever growing need as the world is now more connected than ever. Indogro is doing our level best to stay relevant and provide your students with the latest tools and techniques. With constant training and idea sharing, we are able to maintain our quality and still be able to grow further.

I look forward to strengthening our collaboration. Together we can achieve our goals in haste and brighten the futures of the next generation.

Jerome Schreiber