Perennial English for Academic Purposes

This programme provides an introduction to university studies for students who wish to attend a postsecondary institution where English is the medium of instruction. The aim of this course is to prepare students to succeed in complex academic tasks in writing and reading, whilst also developing more sophisticated formal oral communication skills. Students will develop more refined academic language skills, and will cover a range of key linguistic areas.


Program Highlight

"True" Native Instructor

Who better than a Native of the leading English nations to provide insight into culture and fine tune your English skills. A "true" native is naturally inclined to catch on any impediments that hold you back in your language development.

Focus on Post-secondary Language Use

Tertiary education exposes learners to greater vocabulary and communication in the English language. Our native instructors are here to ease the often overwhelming influx of commonly used terms and phrases in the post-secondary environment.

Covers a Range of Linguistic Areas

Whether it be analytical or descriptive language, our native instructors are well versed in the many areas of linguistics. Learners will feel enlightened and better their understanding of the many structures that build the English language.

Complex Reading and Writing Tasks

Develop more refined language skills by taking part in complex reading and writing tasks. This will allow learners to converse in a more academic structure, giving them more confidence and leverage on persuasive and opinionated language.

Optional Mobile Learning Platform

Our on-the-go mobile learning platform was designed to cater for learners that would like to continue their language development in their own time in a self-paced manner. With interactive classes and real life language topics, learners can freshen up on their English language skills.

Optional Diploma Pairing

Indogro's partnership with Navitas and Open Colleges opens up more avenues for further education at the many affiliated institutes.

Programme Curriculum



Speaking & Listening






Intercultural Communication


Writing & Reading


Quarterly Testing





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