"True" Native for Better Learning

To achieve the ultimate learning goals, you will need to learn from the best! Indogro is more than ready to carry you all the way to the top. Learning English from a native English speaker will guarantee a better pronunciation, accent, and understanding. This is why, choosing the right native teacher is at the utmost importance. It is incomparable to an expat who's English might be good, but is not their mother tongue.

Fun and Natural Way of Learning

Being able to speak English with a native speaker means you will be able to adopt many rules and quirks of the language in the same way that they did as children. Talking often and about a range of topics will expand your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and expose you to grammar rules in a completely natural way. Plus, no boring text books or verbiage so you will most likely feel refreshed rather than tired after your lessons!

Natural Use of Colloquialisms

Informal language use is more commonly used than formal language. It takes a great deal of practice to use colloquial expressions, slang and informal language correctly and with confidence. Native speakers are better equipped to correct students and redirect their efforts when using informal language. Native speakers understand how different words have different meanings in different contexts. They understand sarcasm, irony and subtle jokes.

Bridge the Culture Gap

In the 21st century, the world has become a smaller place due to the internet and ease of travel. A great deal of language is presented with a subtle or an intense degree of culture that stems from the English language. Learners are given a chance to observe the richness and diversity of the English language and culture, which often sparks an interest that drives them to want to strive in increasing their level of English use. A native instructor is always sensitive to the appropriateness of the cultural differences and will never infringe on a learners core values.

With Indogro, you are given the very best in a holistic and immersible manner. Only a ‘True” Native can give you the ultimate insight.

Language skills can only be put to the test and improved in real life settings. The Indogro learning model as well as the Perennial curriculum is designed to create a more interactive and real approach to the English language. Learners are made to immerse themselves into a simulation in order to reach a language goal.

This gives them a satisfying, measurable achievement once they meet these goals. In effect, learners boost their self-esteem and are more confident to head into the real world knowing that they wont be caught off guard when speaking English, opening many doors and opportunities that seemed unreachable before.


Students are able to learn the accurate rhythm & Intonation.


Total immersive environment encouraging social interaction.

Language Context

In-depth look on how different words have different meanings.


Students will be better equipped to head in to any English settings.

Cultural Exchange

Students are able to learn more about western culture.

Colloquial Language

Native speakers are better equipped to correct students.

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