We ensure that our instructors are carefully selected and meet the qualification requirements. All of our teachers have a Bachelor Degree or equivalent, with Teaching Certification, a minimum of 2 years Experience and have undergone a thorough background check. All our instructors have complete credentials and legalities.


Professional development is an integral part of how we service our teachers. We extrapolate the best out of our teachers by involving them in teacher development workshops, teacher review and evaluations with constant approach collaboration, to ensure consistent quality and culture adjustment to Indonesian teaching ecosystem.


To maintain the service quality for our clients through Indogro’s client service plan, we implement periodic school management feedback meetings, teacher classroom observations, teacher lesson evaluations all with a dedicated Academic and Client Services Manager. In doing so, we are able to adjust and improve on our services and programmes.


Some say its our quick response, others say it’s for our consistent quality of teachers, but overall there are real reasons as to why our prominent clients have trusted Indogro for the past 11 years. We take this trust very seriously, which forms the basis of our perpetual improvement of our services, curriculum and quality that our clients enjoy today.


Lesson Plans Created


Certificates Issued


Documents Accumulated

The INDOGRO Difference!

With a decade of experience in the educational field, Indogro Institute is a leading English language academic provider. It has its pulse on the latest pedagogical theories, utilizes the best educators to deliver on these theories, and offers so much more. Indogro Institute understands that education is a multi-faceted institution and strives to offer support to all facets involved – schools; learners; Native English teachers; resident teachers – to ensure an optimal educational environment conducive to growth for all.

As part of our acceleration programme, we like our instructors to immerse themselves into your team and encourage them to take part in cultural and competitive events. We feel it is a great way to bridge the gap and enhance the school environment from an inside and outside perspective, thus enabling our clients to leverage future intake and marketing.

What our clients say about us

Tarakanita Gading Serpong Senior High School has been working together with Indogro in serving English lessons for the students. The students’ confidence in speaking English has been boosted, thanks to the responsible and competent teachers. I hope we can do more for the students to develop their competencies, making them more able to face the challenges in many aspects.

HY.Shinta Natalini Budiasih, S.Si., M.Pd.(SMA Tarakanita Gading Serpong)

I think Indogro Institute has given benefits to students by preparing them for their academic study purposes. Supported by professional native personnel, which provide tremendous advancements for the programme, benefiting not only students, but also the school. Students can now learn more about the purpose of academic study according to International standards.

Yaya Waryana, S.Pd.(SMA Labschool Jakarta)

True “Native” Programmes

All our programmes are supervised and executed by our highly qualified native english instructors, to ensure rapid learning for your students as well as your educators in an unparalleled level.


Students are able to learn the accurate rhythm & Intonation.


Students will be better equipped to head in to any English settings.


Total immersive environment encouraging social interaction.

Cultural Exchange

Students are able to learn more about western culture.

Language Context

In-depth look on how different words have different meanings.

Colloquial Language

Native speakers are better equipped to correct students.

New for 2018!

Introducing the new K13 aligned curriculum, Perennial English.

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