On a journey to learn English? Are you like many other non-English speakers who have a broad English vocabulary but when you try to articulate, nothing comes out?

The best thing you could do to help improve your English is to start talking with a native speaker. This will be a great advantage as you will be exposed to how native speakers naturally speak. In your discussions, you will learn how a native speaker chooses different vocabulary based upon the topic on hand. You will be exposed to new idioms and slang which will increase your vocabulary.

Secondly, you will learn about a new culture. This is important as culture has a significant role to play in the way we speak and express ourselves with different people. By talking to native speakers, you will gain an insight into etiquette, manners and appropriate language to use in certain situations. This will be most helpful when you want to impress people on your future travels and business meetings.

The most significant advantage of all is it will help with your pronunciation and accent. This will happen naturally just by listening to a native speaker talk. Furthermore, it will help you understand native speakers when they speak in those tricky accents.

So heed my advice and find yourself a native speaking partner. It will be difficult in the beginning but don’t you worry yourself, in no time you will find yourself speaking more fluently.

Written by Zain Mallett

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