Who said that blogging in English is hard? Writing is a skill that can be honed, and the only way to level it up it is by practicing. There are structures, grammar, and other technicalities, but in actuality, the key is just to keep it simple.

Writing is a way of communicating and it works when you manage to send your message across to the readers. Two things that make a blog boring is repetition and long sentences with too much ideas. Use synonyms to keep your blog fresh for your readers and use short sentences or a paragraph with a single idea.

Make sure that your blog is light and enjoyable to all, that means you can’t just use a slang or colloquialisms that only your local community can understand. The goal here is to send across your ideas, so your writing has to reach a wide audience. Keep in mind about the readability and simplicity of your blog.

That said, one way to make sure that your writing is good after practicing it is by having someone reliable teach you and give you structured feedback. In Indogro, we make sure that our English curriculum will improve your writing skills where not only you will have fun learning but you will also have a dependable Native teacher to help and better your writing!

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