A formal discussion on a particular topic, in which opposing arguments are put forward.


On 05 October 2018, Indogro had the honor of judging an English debate by high school students, ranging from grades 10 to 12.
We loved the care that the school took in choosing the topics because they were poignantly fitted to the struggles of modern teenage life – ‘Social Climbing’ was the overarching topic, under which were the following subtopics:
– Teenage smoking
– Technology restriction
– Resizing school uniforms


Students were given a week to research the topics and build their arguments for both the pro and con sides but were only told on the day of the debate which side they would ultimately present on.

We, the judges, were so impressed by the students’ preparation, their depth of research, the team collaboration and their very eloquent use of sophisticated English language. We were hard pressed on deciding on a winner.

Competitions like this are a great way to get students using English outside of the classroom, building their public speaking abilities, fostering critical thinking skills, making them aware of global and current affairs and strengthening their collaboration skills.

It’s competitions like this that remind us here at Indogro why we are so passionate about imparting the English language!

Well done to all the high schools of SMA Dian Didaktika who participated and thank you to Ibu Fatmawati (English Coordinator) for including Indogro!

Lauren Turner
Academic Manager

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