Especially in Asia, there tends to be quite a few stereotypes that gets attached immediately to Native English speakers, regardless of setting. We are here to tell you that especially in the modern day, most of them are untrue. In fact, the only thing that is true is that we are as varied as you. So unlike what you would imagine with stereotypes, we unapologetically will go through why Westerners are as varied as you, your family and friends.

  1. Westerns all not all wealthy, nor are they making a lot of money. When you watch Hollywood movies and tv shows, it is easy to confuse the ridiculously high meal prices and activity fees with high wages. Unfortunately, many Westerns often save up years at a time for a vacation, and will save every penny they can manage in order to do so. It is true that wages tends to be higher, but that comes at the cost of higher living costs.
  2. Most people who are responsible with money management can save up for a plane ticket and a few nights’ stay. All it means is a person with a decent financial savings plan, rather than high income. As such, when you enter a conversation with a person of this stature, rather than treating them as a rich person, learn from their financial management skills.
  3. Not all westerners are university educated. It is a growing trend for high schoolers to take a gap year to work/travel in various countries. They are doing so in order to take a break from the 12+ years of school they have to do, as well as to discover their passions in life. That way, when they go to post-secondary school, they know exactly what they want to achieve in the next 10 years of their life. These people are particularly inspiring and you should make an effort to talk to, because they are learning about the world and themselves in a way that many people don’t learn until they hit their 30’s.

As such, Native English speakers do not hold a secret treasure trove that allows them to be perceived as better than others. They have simply lived a different life than you and are probably more envious of your life than their own. Indogro teachers are similar in a way where they come from their own individual background that has brought them to your own country. As regular persons, you can always just talk to them and learn about their history before, during, and after class times. Our teachers are always happy to share their past and you might even learn a thing or two outside of the English language.

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