Let’s be real. Students don’t go abroad just to study and getting their degree. There are a lot of reasons why they go overseas, and the biggest reason of all is: Fun.

If you are already thinking of continuing to study abroad, you are in doubt, or maybe haven’t thought of it, you should check out this post. Maybe it will give you a lightbulb moment as to why you should study abroad.

  1. Going abroad means taking in new experiences. It’s overwhelming at first and suddenly you realize how big the earth really is. It’s a different world out there! You’ll see new sights, sounds, cultures & meet new people that will change your perspective of life.
  2. You’ll learn to study differently. Each country has a unique style of education and that’s the reflection of their culture. However, there is one thing in common in all study abroad countries; they move faster than most people in Indonesia. Working while studying is thelifestyle preference that forces you to be active and productive. This is a good thing for you, so you can be ready for the globalized society and become work-ready across the world.
  3. The chance to travel abroad and experience new adventures all the time. You can go anywhere you want on a college holiday or even where you have free time. Imagine this; If you study in Europe, you can explore almost all of Europe just by train. So, eating pizza in Italy or enjoying the romantic city of Paris is an easy thing. Or perhaps you want to explore local cities, such as enjoying the breathtaking scenery in New Zealand, sunny beaches in Australia and taking pictures at Niagara Falls Canada. The opportunities of a lifetime that you don’t want to miss!
  4. Learn English for free! The best thing is you can learn and immediately practice your English every day. You have the right environment that will force you to use English on every street, store, restaurant, and your place of residence. No place to escape! That way, English will automatically become your second language. So, there’s no more the thinking gap when you are to understand people who speak English or when reading English literature. Like a native!

Have made your mind? Whether you want to study abroad or not, English language is an important skill to master. The best way to learn English is to learn with native speakers.Indogro Institute have an academic English program for K-12 and it is designed specifically for Primary School to Senior High School classes based on world best standards and practices to improve the quality of English in accordance with the needs of the school.

Improve your English with Indogro Institute and be ready to study abroad!

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