SMP Kebayoran held their International Cultural Day on Friday, 01 March 2019. Twelve countries represented each of the continents, including: Australia; Europe which was represented by guests from the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Belgium and Germany; Asia which was represented by Japan; North America which was represented by Canada; South America which was represented by Brazil; and Africa which was represented by Morocco and Ethiopia.


Ms. Lauren Turner and Mr. Jerome Schreiber from Indogro Institute were delighted to be asked to be part of this great event, and they both represented South Africa.

The theme was ‘Unity in Diversity for a Better Society’ which aimed at promoting global awareness, friendship, and tolerance towards cultural diversity among countries.

The event began with traditional Indonesian music and dance performances, followed by inspirational speeches given by the Head of Student Council and Student Representative, the ambassador of Ethiopia, and the Executive Chairman of UNESCO – National Indonesian Committee.


Each class was assigned a country, and it was a beautiful sight to see all the students dressed in the traditional clothes of the twelve nations. The students worked exceptionally hard to research and decorate their classroom to reflect their designated country. Maps, traditional cloth, cuisine, national emblems, currency, welcome signs in the local language and much more were used to bring their classrooms to life.

As myself and Mr. Jerome stepped into the classroom of 7B, we felt as though we stepped into South Africa. Pictures of our beloved Mr. Nelson Mandela hung on the wall, a small model of a traditional hut stood centerpiece in the classroom, stuffed animals could be found on
the tables to represent the Big Five – lion; African elephant; African leopard; wildebeest and black rhinoceros – and a giant ostrich egg even lay on one of the tables.

Each representative was escorted to their designated classroom to deliver a presentation to the class to share more knowledge and culture about their countries. After which, everyone feasted on the local cuisine prepared by the students.


We thank SMP Labschool Kebayoran for inviting Indogro Institute for the third year in a row to partake in this incredible event. We hope to be back again next year!

Academic Manager
Indogro Institute
Lauren Turner

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