Indogro Institute was established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2007 to deliver corporate development courses that give professionals the edge in their workplaces. Over the years, Indogro institute has grown in size and reputation with clients from multinational companies, academia and government institutions.

Indogro institute prides itself in offering academic and corporate programs from certificate to postgraduate levels based on world best standards and practices, in partnership with leading world institutions such as Navitas.

A. Our commitment

  1. To ensure that your investment is maximized in achieving your learning objectives.
  2. To be the preferred partner by internationally-minded organizations and individuals as their lifelong learning provider.
  3. To develop and deliver professional programs, based on the most suitable training methods and the most exceptional teachers.
  4. To produce results for all our participants through personalized instruction in a warm and friendly environment.

B. Efficient Teaching Methodology

Indogro Institute combines face-to-face teaching with technology-based learning to create an engaging and manageable learning process through the use of innovative blended educational tools and teaching methods that fit multiple learning styles.

Within a supportive learning environment, participants are encouraged to ask and respond to questions, and participate in discussions. As the participants use spoken and written English to gather, understand and convey information, their language skills develop, together with their leadership and teamwork skills.

C. The Teachers

Our dynamic and dedicated and highly experience native English teachers hold teaching degrees together with internationally recognised qualifications in teaching English as a second language.

Our teachers are provided with regular updates on current business topics and innovative teaching techniques and methodology so they have the knowledge and skills required to deliver the knowledge to clients effectively.

D. Training Progress Review

Indogro Institute has introduced Learning by Objective where we monitor the learning/training progress against the objectives of our clients.

Monitoring is done informally through classroom observations, and formally through progress and final evaluations. Participants who successfully complete the program receive certification.

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