Traditionally a religious holiday, the commercialization of Easter now conjures up thoughts of family, fun and lots of sugary goodness. For the teachers of Indogro, Easter is a nostalgic and memorable time from their childhood. Here’s an insight into some of those nostalgic memories.

Madison Clark – United States of America

Each year, Missouri Botanical Garden holds an ‘Eggstravaganza’ – a citywide egg hunt in the park. Madison loved partaking in this egg hunt with her family and devouring marshmallow covered bunnies from Peeps.

Sebastien Grenier and Adam Wilson – Canada

For these Canadian teachers, this holiday was filled with Easter egg hunts and gorging on Cadbury Easter eggs.

Andre Toupet – France and Indonesia

Andre had a different memory to share. His family enjoyed playing traditional Russian Easter games. Instead of egg hunts, Russians have traditional games such as egg rolling and egg fights: players hit their eggs against each other, and the owner of the last uncracked egg becomes the winner.

Jerome Schreiber – South Africa

Jerome’s childhood Easter memories are filled with painting eggs and egg hunts. He especially loved playing with his cousins – they would roll their eggs down a hill, and the person with the last surviving egg would be the winner.

Sharing these memories and learning about the multiculturalism that exists within our own team was really interesting, but no matter how Indogro teachers celebrated Easter growing up, one theme was consistent throughout – family. However you celebrate Easter this year, we at Indogro wish you a blessed, safe and meaningful Easter with your loved ones!

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