School term is starting and what a better way to start school than to prepare yourself ahead of time? Here are some tips on what you can do before going back to school!

1. Planning is number one
Find a way to plan your activities. Be it using a planner, using your smartphone, or even writing it on a schedule board, just find your way of preparing your activities to get you through the semester!

2. Start small
If you got big things to do, it’s better to start small. After all, the hardest step is the first step! After you have taken the initial step, the rest will follow accordingly!

3. Get a routine
Come up with a system that works for you! If you want to have a fixed schedule or change it, day-to-day is up to you. Just keep to it!

4. Study a little every day
Cramming may or may not work, but even then you will quickly forget about what you studied. So start small and try to study bit by bit every day. It will help you in the long run!

5. Don’t let a bad grade keep you down
Humans learn from making mistakes, so don’t fret over your bad grades but instead, learn from it! Bad grades mean that you still have room for improvements!

6. Make a friend
What a school life without friends? Find a few people you can depend on from your class, create a study group and hang out together! Having friends can help motivate you to study further.

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