So the new school year has already started, you’re just getting used to waking up early again, and you’re getting used to the change- Wait, CHANGE?

Yes, change. You’re in a new grade, maybe even in a new school. Some (or all) of your old friends are gone, and you’ve got new people in your life. Here’s a bit of advice on dealing with change:

-accept it and get used to it. Well, if you’re going to have to live with it every single day, you might as well get used to it. And it’s not all that bad, which brings us to our next point.

-focus on the positive. This is SUPER important! You can choose to see the good or the bad when things happen, so why not see the good more?

-see the good, be happier. Yep! It’s a funny thing, but if you always talk about the good, more good things will happen to you and more people will want to be your friend!

-be friendly and kind. Ah yes, friends! Someone said “There are no strangers, only friends not yet met” and this is true of the new people in your life. They can be your friends!

-be kind and friendly. See what I did there? If you see other people who look sad all the time, maybe you can be their friend! Maybe they don’t see the change as a good thing, yet.

-you can make a difference. Yes, because you are important! If you’re happy and positive, other people will be happier and more positive just by looking at you. Smiles are contagious!

Accept the change, be positive about it, be nice to other people, and smile!

Good luck with the academic year ahead!

Andre Ivan Toupet
Instructor of minds, bringer of knowledge

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