?School is already starting, and you must know how to regain back your motivation to study after a long holiday. Here are a few tips to help you get back into your school routine.

1. Find a new study place

While the old way of studying at home with a desk crammed full with books might work with you, you also can change your study place. Go to a cafe, a public library, a park, wherever you think will make you comfortable in revising your studies.

2. Use your class time wisely

Pay attention to your teacher and ask questions if you need to. Chances are you will learn and understand more after you paid attention in class. This will reduce the time for studying at home since you will only need to revise it instead of cramming everything.

3. Do your task immediately

If there are homework and time left in class, you can start your homework. This also works on other kinds of tasks and will help to give you free time at home to rest and do what you love to do instead of waiting until the last minutes to do your tasks.?

4. Study a little every day

This is a little tip that might sound tiring to you. Now, study a little every day here means that when in class, just took a little time before the class starts to revise the lessons from the previous class. Just look at it to refresh your memory, no need to cram everything. By doing this, a little bit every day, when it comes to quizzes or exams, you are more prepared and only need to refresh your mind.

5. Hang out with friends

Having like-minded friends will help you adjust back to school life. Go do your tasks together and have fun together. Having friends to face school life together with you will make it less stressful. So just hang out with your friends and study together!

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